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Our Mission:

“Fitness Connection” is a facility that has been established specifically for the client who wants personalized training in a supportive environment. At “Fitness Connection” we focus on providing a quality workout program that maximizes the benefits of each exercise.

Our staff constantly evaluates and upgrades the workout program so the client can more quickly and safely realize their fitness goals.

One on one personal training is “Fitness Connection’s” intention but independent use is available to all members. The friendly staff at “Fitness Connection” offers nutritional counseling to direct clients toward meeting their weight loss goals as well as general conditioning and athletic preparedness objectives.

We feature state of the art fitness equipment including weight resistance machines, free weights and cardio fitness equipment.

In addition to indoor workout programs our proximity to the American River Bike Trail will allow outdoor activities such as walking the river trail, organized bicycle outings, preparation and participation in 5k and 10k events.

We offer private sessions in functional fitness, weight-training, balance, nutrition, and cardiovascular endurance. Our private and seasonal group classes include Circuit Training, Functional Fitness, Balance and Core , Senior Balance and Strengthening , Cycling Clinics, Walk/Run and Kayaking Clinics and outings.

Let us help you become the best version of yourself. Come take advantage of our clean and professional workout environment!

Certified Personal Trainers ~ Supportive and Goal driven to ensure your personal goals are accomplished.



The connection between Fitness-Nutrition-Health
Start Enjoying a Healthy Life Today.

Fitness Connection features a complete state of the art facility. However, we do not rely on equipment to make us the leader in fitness. We understand that knowledgeable courteous staff is essential to your, and our, success.

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Our trainers have all been educated and certified in their respective fields of expertise. We require a deep knowledge of physiology and fitness, as well as a friendly and understanding demeanor. Our trainers are here to help lead you on your journey with our education, experience, and enthusiasm. Your goals are our goals!!